Be green about saving money

We can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

With all of our services from fixing a leaky tap to a full boiler service we can also carry out a FREE full audit of your plumbing and heating and recommend ways for you to save money without any obligation or hard sell.

  • Replace old boilers with modern green combination boilers
  • Fit radiators with thermostatic valves
  • Fit efficient radiators
  • Service and flush your heating system to maintain efficiency
  • Modern heating programme timer, set the times and durations daily to match your needs
  • Fit reflective heat panels behind radiators on external walls
  • Integrate smart heating controls that adapt and learn your requirements heating your home only when you need it.
  • Insulating hot water tanks

Dramatic savings in gas consumption can be realised by doing just a few of the above steps. It makes perfect sense to invest in some energy saving measures which you will easily recoup in just a few years time.

Reducing your home temperature by just 1 degree can save around £90 per year. Fitting a hot water tank insulation jacket could save around £30 per year. Fitting thermostatic radiator valves will save between £80 – £165 per year. This will combine to save around 1000kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Optimising your programmable heating to daily routines or using  smart heating controls can reduce your heating costs by almost a third!.

(*based on typical 3 bedroom detached home.)

Call us today to book a visit and see how we can save you money and help you to be more environmentally friendly.

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